September, 2015

'Taming Streets – Design, Deliberation, and Delivery in Indian Cities', 45 min
A documentary of the final wrapping up/reflective stage in a 3-year research project bringing together Sustainable Transportation and Deliberative Democracy in Pune and Bangalore. The CUSP team includes 3 Curtin academics and 4 Indian Curtin PhD students. Not everything goes according to plan, but by the end it is clear the deliberations have sparked political changes and that the projects are most definitely ongoing.
Funded by the Australia-India Council, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade


February, 2015

'Ernesto Sirolli Meets Bad Apple'
Featuring global enterprise facilitator Ernesto Sirolli (See his TED talk: Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!) and new start-up Bad Apple, featuring a cross section of young Fremantle creatives.
Commissioned by CUSP Institute, Curtin University.


April, 2015

'Curtin's Professional Doctorate in Sustainable Development'
CUSP Institute’s latest initiative – PhDs done in situ in developing countries based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Commissioned by CUSP Institute, Curtin University.


January, 2015

'Paving Over Perth'
More people, more cars, more parking bays. Filmed 9th January, 2015 in Dr. Brad Pettitt's mayoral office in Fremantle, Western Australia. Produced by Peter Newman and Brad Pettit with Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute.
Commissioned by CUSP Institute, Curtin University.


June, 2014

'The Dampier Story - 25 Years of Service'
In June 2014 the Dampier Port Authority ceased to exist. This is a record of what they accomplished - setting the bar high in turns of sustainability at the same time as becoming more profitable. An inspiration to all organisations.
Commissioned by Dampier Port Authority.


March, 2014

'Christchurch: Resilient City'
A major earthquake hit Christchurch in February 2011. This is a collection of stories filmed the third winter after the event to show the courage and resilience of those who chose to stay.
Commissioned by CUSP Institute, Curtin University.


August, 2013

'Biophilic Wellington'
Featuring Prof Tim Beatley exploring what makes the capital of New Zealand a biophilic city.
Commissioned by University of Virginia.


July, 2013

'On the Road'
Filmed in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia.
Commissioned by the Oil Mallee Association of Australia.


September, 2012

'Going Carbon Neutral - the Story of South Fremantle Senior High School'
How to make a difference at your local high school…
Commissioned by Fremantle Community Bank.


May, 2012

'Singapore: Biophilic City'
Out of a whirlwind week in Singapore emerge five stories of transformation.


January, 2012

'Woolstore Rising'
The film documents the physical transformation of this iconic Fremantle building from abuse and neglect to beloved and gift wrapped.


November, 2011

'City Central'
Commissioned by the City of Fremantle to encourage investment.


November, 2010

'Joys of Women Celebrate 20 Years'
Fremantle's living treasure, the Italian Women's Choir who became famous in 1993 with the ABC doco 'Joys of the Women'.
Commissioned by the Italian Women's Choir for their 20th anniversary.


November, 2010

'Bless You God for Australia'
The first time I heard the Burundi Choir.


Novermber, 2010

'Fremantle Loves Bikes'
The title says it all.


November, 2010

'Fremantle Happening'
The launch of the 2010 Fremantle Festival, 100 years old and Brad's first festival as mayor.

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