June, 2009

'To Be Fully Realised'
Patsy Hallen, ecophilosopher, articulates the values embedded in the natural world.


January, 2009

'Through Eyes of Grace'
Monique Lisbon, musician and author, uses the creative power of singing in her healing from child abuse.


December, 2008

'No Place Like Home'
Julie Matheson, financial planner, returns to Port Hedland and makes a case for affordable housing as it was for her father in the 60's.


September, 2008

'Never Too Late'
Pat Hamilton is a psychologist who uses music in her work with survivors of child abuse and believes it is never too late to have a happy childhood.


June, 2008

'The Beauty of Story'
Sandra Krempl, CEO of Men of the Trees and daughter of a Dayak mother, explores the indigenous within.


May, 2008

’A Person of Blessing’
Sister Jacinta is in love with the Universe story.


December, 2007

'Diamonds of Hope'
Professor Peter Newman, global leader in sustainability, sees peak oil as an opportunity for a different kind of future.


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