December, 2015

'If I Tell You my Passion'
Maryanne Campbell is a Canberra based psychotherapist and stand-up comedian. She is an admirer and personal friend of Dorothy Rowe, world-renowned for her work on depression: “Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and cruel jailor”. Maryanne has the largest collection of Madonna memorabilia in Australia.


February, 2011

'Home is Where the Heart Is'
Self-described ringmaster and vagabond, David Engwicht travels the world helping cities become more like home.


September, 2010

'Body is Wise'
Trish Watts demonstrates what it means to bring your full presence into the moment.


May, 2010

'Where All is Given and Nothing Held Back'
Bishop Kay, Australia's first Anglican woman bishop, talks random concrete.


November, 2009

'To Find Communion'
Martin Mhando, internationally acclaimed feature-film writer and director, experiences his spirituality through his relationship with others.


September, 2009

'A Different Way of Thinking'
Brad Pettitt, Associate Professor of Sustainability at Murdoch University, Western Australia, recently elected Mayor of Fremantle, intends to make his city a beacon of sustainability to the rest of the world.


August, 2009

'Giving Back the Power'
Martin Mhando, award winning feature film writer/director and academic, returns to Africa where he puts his heart and soul into his participatory video filmmaking.



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